World Design



I collaborated with the Level Designer and the Art Lead from Dromund Kaas team. The idea for the level came from a section I did on Dromund Kaas. The Art Lead like it so much, that we used this idea to fill in a pre-propped level that needed a theme in the game. So we merged ideas together to come up with the scene pictured below. I also worked on Belsavis, Quesh, Voss, and Hoth.
  • Added all the trees, rocks, textures, flowers and plant props.
  • Carved into the terrain to make all the paths for the character to travel.
  • Used the Hero Blade engine tools to paint the textures, flowers to push and pull the terrain into the ground.
  • Added water planes and particles to make it look like it splashes against the rock. While also adding the fog to the level to set the mood for the theme.
  • Replaced the original props with in-game working props. Such as the water planes had to be switched out with functional in-game water planes. Some of the buildings had to swapped out with pre-lit functional buildings. Other things I had to do was placed functional trees that swayed with linked animation.
  • Making sure level horizons had depth.